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When you sign up with Team O.M.T you can go 1 of 2 routes:

(1) Purchase the 1:1 Custom Package

Join our exclusive online community and receive 1:1 coaching with completely tailored to you programming and goal setting.

(2) Purchase a Pre-built Training Program

Pre-built training packages for a number of different events and activities such as running, triathlon prep, hybrid training or HYROX prep.

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1:1 Coaching with Team O.M.T

You will get 1:1 individualized programming tailored to you specifically, your lifestyle, your schedule and your goals.

With the 1:1 package you will get:

Personalized Plan

  • Custom meal plan / macro breakdown 
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • Custom race kits for any event 
  • 24/7 access to me
  • 2024 - 2025 goal setting, race planning, and team events 
  • Access to the custom Team O.M.T training app (coming soon!)


  • Access to our exclusive online community of almost 100 other like minded individuals 
  • Team meetups, pop-up events and training camps 
  • Discounts and first looks on all Team O.M.T apparel 
  • Bi-weekly Team Zoom calls
  • Accountability, Motivation, world class programming, and a community and brand that is taking over the hybrid and endurance space!

Pre-built Training Programs

Below are the 4 types of pre-built training programs I offer.

Run Programs

For beginners, experienced, and elite runners from 5km all the way up to ultra marathons. These are pre-programmed with extensive notes to help you achieve your goal or set a PR.

12 and 16 week options available.

Triathlon Program

For sprint distance all the way up to Ironman distance. Swim, bike, run, programming with periodization and deloads for you to smash that race you’ve got coming up.

12 and 16 week options available.

Hybrid Training Program

Use the programs that got me started. My exact workouts balancing weight training and running.

12 week program available.

HYROX Program

For THE hybrid athlete. This HYROX specific program will be offered in beginner and advanced programming with mock race sessions and everything you will see in the HYROX race as well as supplementary exercises to help improve your running and station performances.

12 week program available.

O.M.T. Mobile App Coming Soon!

We are introducing a new O.M.T. app that will be available soon in the app store. It will be a place to track your nutrition and meal plans, follow a workout plan with a wide rand of workout videos and a place to communicate with me. As soon as it is ready, you will receive an email with all the information to get you started.

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