Shak's World Community Centre


My name is Jordan Ford. I am a competitive rugby player and fitness enthusiast. I work as a strength and conditioning coach in Barrie, ON, Canada at a gym called The Movement HQ. 

I have decided to embark on a journey to find myself and push the limits of my body and mind while raising money for a community center for the youth of my city. I am competing at Ironman Indiana on October 2, 2021; my first EVER triathlon and endurance sport altogether. Along the way and leading up to the event I am going to be documenting the journey and trying to raise $10,000 through donations and fundraising initiatives for Shak's World Community Centre in Barrie, Ontario.

"SWCC uses basketball, innovation, and mentorship as a bridge to youth employment, education, and training. SWCC’s youth-led urban community development project tackles the underlying issues leading to youth addiction, homelessness, and mental health challenges." -Shak's World. 

Please show your support to help me stay motivated and accountable, and PLEASE help me give back to an amazing community center that will help the next generation of youth have a safe place to grow and chase their dreams, by donating anything you can and/or sharing this page. This Ironman is to show these youth that anything is possible regardless of where you come from,  your background, or your past. Coming from a rough childhood myself, I want to show the youth by showing that they can be what ever they want to be if they work hard and always keep going, while give back to my community at large.

Anything helps. Share the page and keep an eye out for upcoming fundraisers! 

Thank you for your support.


Jordan Ford, O.M.T Team